As your therapist I am registered with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) as Ellen Hill and I am required to tell you what data I am collecting from you, how this will be stored, what I will use it for, and how I will dispose of it.

What data do I keep and what do I use it for?

There are two types of data that I will keep:-
1. A Data form which includes, your name, telephone numbers, email address, land based address and GP name. This Data form information will be used in order for me to keep in contact with you, usually by phone, text or email.
2. Therapy notes taken during our sessions together and during supervision. I will keep this data in order to ensure that I provide you with a safe, ethical and sound service.
I will also use your contact details to contact you if you have missed a session or finish therapy unexpectedly.  I do this so that I can clarify what you would like to happen with your therapy.  

Are there any circumstances where my data might be shared? 

It is very unlikely that I will share your data. I will not sell it on to any third party or use it for unethical reasons.
All my devices are password and virus protected.  I would only share notes if subpoenaed by a court of law, or if I need to represent myself.  I will only use first names when discussing client work in supervision.
As I member of UKCP I am expected to break confidentiality if there is risk of serious harm to a client or to others, or if Children or Vulnerable Adults are involved.  In such a scenario I would contact your GP or Emergency services as appropriate and I would attempt to contact you before I do this. I am expected to comply with Child and Vulnerable Adult safeguarding protection, Trafficking, Money Laundering, and Terrorism legislation also.

How will I store your data? 

The Data form with your contact details, including what you would like to gain from therapy, will be kept in a lockable metal filing cabinet in my office.  Your telephone number and email address will be kept on my mobile phone and computer, which will only have your initials or first name.
Therapy notes taken during sessions are hand written, identified by initials or first name only, recording the date and session number, which will also be kept secure as above.

How long will I store your data, and how will I dispose of it? 

I will keep your therapy notes and your name for 6 years following the end of your therapy which is in line with guidelines of my insurance company.
Your personal information on the Data form will be shredded within 6 months of us finishing therapy and I will delete your phone number and e-mail address within 6 months of us finishing our work together. 

What if I have obtained my therapy via an outside organisation?

This organisation may have policies that differ to mine and I will comply with their policies as well as my own.  It is possible that they may have given me more information than I would normally collect for example your place of work and registration numbers.   I need this information when I am sending my invoice to the organisation as a way of recognising your case.  If this information is in the format of an email I will delete this extra data once your organisation has reimbursed me for our work together. 

Do I have a right to see the information that you hold?

Yes.  If you ask me for the information that I hold about you I am legally bound to give you a copy free of charge, within one month of your request.
If you are not happy with the way I use your data please discuss this with me, so that we can come to a mutual agreement before we undertake a significant amount of work together.